Congress venue - Royal Tapestry Factory

The congress will take place at the Royal Tapestry Factory in Madrid, a venue where historical decorations meet modern technology. 

The Royal Tapestry Factory is a historical building located in Madrid, Spain, which was founded in 1720. The factory was founded by Philip V after Spain lost its Belgian territories, and their tapestry workshops, as a result of the Peace of Utrecht.
In 1996, the manufacturing becomes the Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation. Its aims must be the maintenance of crafts, the conservation and restoration of the textile heritage of the Spanish State and the promotion in general of all cultural activities that contribute to the knowledge of the art of upholstery.

The venue is ideally located in the city centre, close to train station Atocha. 


Royal Tapestry Factory
Calle Vandergoten 1
28014 Madrid

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