Controversies in BCa

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Friday, October 6, 2017 -
08:35 to 10:05

Three controversial topics, 3 great speakers! On Friday morning 6 October, you have good reasons to rise and shine!  What can we learn from the pathologist? What’s the opinion of a urologist on diagnostic tests by general practitioners? Is the radiation oncologist your best option in case of oligometastatic bladder cancer? Join this session on controversies in this bladder cancer and let our faculty know if you agree with their statements. 



Yohann Loriot

Hugh Mostafid

Presentations in this session

08:35 to 09:05

Are all neuroendocrine carcinomas neuroendocrine? (incl. 15 min Q&A)

09:05 to 09:35

Is it time for family physicians to abandon testing for non-visible haematuria? (incl. 15 min Q&A)

09:35 to 10:05

Is oligometastatic BCa best treated with aggressive multi-modality treatment? (incl. 15 min Q&A)