Debate! Cystectomy vs bladder sparing therapy in a young patient with MIBC

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Friday, October 6, 2017 -
13:55 to 14:45

For years, non-metastatic MIBC was almost the exclusive domain of the urologist. Bladder sparing treatment gradually entered the field, as an option for elderly patients unfit to receive radical surgery. But what about younger and fit patients? Is multi-modality treatment, preserving the bladder, really an appropriate alternative for them now? Jason Efstathiou, radiation oncologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, United States will defend this option while pointing to the drawbacks of cystectomy. Marek Babjuk, urologist at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic will be his opponent. He will emphasise the benefits of cystectomy and try to overturn the arguments of Jason Efstathiou. To make sure there will be no blood on stage, Jacques Irani and Peter Hoskin will moderate. Join the debate and interact with our faculty. Only at the Global Congress on Bladder Cancer 2017.


Jacques Irani

Peter Hoskin

Presentations in this session

13:55 to 14:05

Case presentation (incl. voting)

14:05 to 14:15

Cystectomy: why?

14:15 to 14:20

Cystectomy: why not?

14:20 to 14:25


14:25 to 14:35

Bladder preservation: why?

14:35 to 14:40

Bladder preservation: why not?

14:40 to 14:45

Final vote