Systemic therapy in advanced disease

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Thursday, September 20, 2018 -
13:35 to 14:30

New data on immunotherapy for advanced urothelial cancer (UCa) are so overwhelming, one might forget  the standard of care for first-line treatment in fit patients still is platinum-based chemotherapy. For a subset of patients, immune-checkpoint inhibitor therapy is already first-line therapy. Will this subset soon become a majority of patients? Will the role of chemotherapy decrease? Will the treatment paradigm of advanced UCa keep shifting? How do all the data of these new agents translate in clinical practice? How to choose the appropriate treatment strategy for your patient with advanced/metastatic UCa? What is the preferred option first or second line? Will patients who recur or progress after immunotherapy benefit from a rechallenge with a similar or different class of immunotherapy? Join BLADDR 2018 to hear the perspectives and the advice from world-renowned experts on how to manage patients with advanced/metastatic UCa in the era of immunotherapy.


Michiel van der Heijden

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IO in advanced disease

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Role of chemotherapy

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